What is ReCall Marketing?

With today’s technological advancements in Internet Marketing, one of
the hottest marketing trends is ReCall Marketing. ReCall Marketing is
the technique of advertising to your website’s visitors long after they
have visited your website.
The main purpose of ReCall Marketing is to keep your professional
brand and website fresh in the minds of potential quality leads by
displaying ads to those who have visited your website. Every prospective
client and visitor that crosses paths with your website will be marked
(tagged). From that point, they will see various attractive and enticing
ads displayed across the Internet promoting your services and
expertise.The visitor will see your ad for days after visiting your
site to guarantee return visits.

How does it work?

We put a snippet of code (tag) on your website.When someone visits your website,
their computer gets marked (tagged).When the same visitor goes to any other site
afterwards that has advertising space, your ad is displayed and thus reminds them of your
services even days later.The visitor can then click on the ad to be taken back to your website
or selected web page.

Where will my ads show up?

Your ads will appear on Google’s entire display network which covers,,, and several thousand other
relevant websites.